Service - Test Equipment/Tool Calibration & Repair Service

To retain confidence in your test equipment regular calibration has become a fundamental requirement of industrial organisations.

Most manufacturers recommend annual re-calibration of test and measurement equipment.
This process is, however, both costly and time consuming. LH Electrical can manage your calibration and repair requirements from start to finish. Simply drop your meters in or ring us to arrange collection and we will do the rest.

Meters will be collected within 24 hours, re-calibrated and returned to you, often within 2 working days!

As well as calibration, LH Electrical offer a full repair service for your test equipment which would otherwise have had to go back to the manufacturer for repair.

We also supply a wide range of measurement and test equipment including PAT testers, loop testers, RCD testers, insulation & continuity testers, earth testers, multi-meters, clamp meters and much, much more.